Why Riff?

Riff Learning is a cloud-based video client & data insights web application with various integration options. Our platform measures conversational dynamics and provides feedback during and after your video interactions. Each participant receives objective data to help them learn about their interpersonal effectiveness, and their ability to work with others. Riff’s measurements can predict the engagement, satisfaction and performance on shared tasks.

Platform features:

  • Instrumented video chat — our proprietary WebRTC video chat application measures how you talk, not what you say. We never record the content of a conversation, but instead use the vocal activity and facial-gestural patterns of participants to determine when people are talking, if they appear to be agreeing, and how engaged they are.

  • Real-time feedback — during a video chat, you’ll see a visualization called the “meeting mediator”. This mediator gives you feedback about conversational dominance throughout the meeting. It uses our AI-driven conversation models to track turn-taking, a key indicator of the degree of collaboration happening in the meeting.

  • History and Analysis — after the meeting is over, you’ll see further insights about how you interacted with others and have access to the full history of all of your video chats.

If you're interested in joining our upcoming Private Beta, let us know.