Riff Learning in the News

How CEOs and People Leaders Need to Embrace 3 Levels of the AI Stack — courtesy of ERE Media

Don’t Fight the Robots, Embrace Them — courtesy of ERE Media   

AI for Teams — interview courtesy of Nearsoft DojoLIVE!

Talent Intelligence: Unlocking People Data to Redefine How Humans Need to Work — courtesy of Cognizant

(ABOVE) The future of AI and human society: HumanAI — Shannon Luminary Lecture by Alex “Sandy” Pentland (Riff co-founder), courtesy of Nokia Bell Labs


Use Cases

Hiring for Teams 

How to make hiring processes more productive for both candidate and company


Collaboration in Online Learning

How to make online courses as engaging as equivalent campus experiences


Bias Detection in Hiring

How to understand and measure unconscious bias in the hiring process