The Riff Platform applies the breakthrough science of quantitatively-guided feedback to make communications more effective across your entire organization.

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The Riff Platform examines the patterns of communication and collaboration that make innovation teams successful, becoming your go-to solution for every segment.


Online Learning & Professional Development


Increase engagement in online courses with immediate feedback during online video sessions. Learners will discover insights about their unique collaboration abilities and those of their colleagues. Awareness and appreciation of these key metrics can bring a new set of skills and sensibilities into work environments.


Hiring for Teams & On-boarding


Conduct virtual individual and group screening sessions that provide insights into how people interact with interviewers and each other. Using comparative data from existing employees, specific qualities like engagement, conviction, collaboration, and respect can be evaluated and assessed. 

Undergoing transformation? Riff lets you diagnose candidates quantitatively, without bias, who are most likely to align with existing culture and can help identify candidates who bring new/desired characteristics that are not currently promoted within the existing culture.


Group Meetings & Team Building


Engage in team-based exercises using video meetings and let Riff's machine learning analyze your interactions. Post-meeting insights provide personalized feedback on individual and team patterns of communication. Measurements on strengths, weaknesses, engagement, and collaboration help people understand their impact and potential courses of action to improve overall company culture.

When you encounter a group with good chemistry, you know it instantly. It’s a paradoxical, powerful sensation, a combination of excitement and deep comfort that sparks mysteriously with certain special groups and not with others. There’s no way to predict it or control it. Or is there?
— Excerpt from The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups, by Daniel Coyle